Clinical Anatomy Works 2017 – Dissections  OCTOBER  2017
Francis LAFOSSE, D.O.


Dear Colleague and Dear Student,

CLINICAL ANATOMY WORKS 2017 (12th edition) will take place in Marburg (Hesse-Germany) on October from Monday the 2nd  to Saturday the 7th.
The Anatomy Department of the Faculty of Medicine (Philipps University) will open its doors for you.  P. D. Reiner WESTERMANN, Jens CORDES and me will conduct the works.
We will be assisted by:

Medical tutors                                                    Osteopaths assistants    

Wilja REMPEL, M.D. Surg.                                 Anna GAWRYSZEWSKA, D.O.
Martin SKRODZKI, M.D. Surg.,                         Isabel von STIETENCRON
Sophie SCHLEUSSER, MD                                  Jan WERKHÄUSER
Eric RASBACH                                                       Vanessa PALUCCI
Paul SPLITTHOF                                                   Marvin LANGHEIM

On 2017, we would like to focus one’s more on osteopaths, medical doctors, manual therapists, physiotherapists and students feeling that they need more understanding of functional anatomy  from the embryologic development  to the semiological signs, real base of our clinical examination.  Since two years, participants are invited to a table of neuroanatomy to set up the knowledges in parallel with the dissection of the encephalon conducted by me.

Some of you did not make any dissection at all or just a few hours perhaps not in the best conditions.  Some of you could have already  an experience of a full dissection and could want to improve and work on a specific area. Please indicate at the registration the regions you wish to deepen.

 You will study , for six days, by your own dissection:
– musculoskeletal system and its vascular and neurological supply
– outer and inner skull
– thoracic, abdominal and pelvic organs

You will find the schedule in attached file.

The works will be conducted in english, german, french, dutch, or polish with their specific anatomical terminologies according to the desire of each.

Overmore, you will make use of prepared pieces  on all regions of the body, plastinated pieces, CT Scans readers of the very last 3D generation, models and books of the laboratory.

Be sure that you will be in the best conditions of work to discover the human body in 3D, real sizes and shapes.

After pre-test and oral facultative evaluations of knowledges, apart of the participating attestation, you will receive a diploma of the Philipps University, signed by P.D Reiner Westermann and me.

I invite you to go on to find the hotel of your choice and make your reservation.

€ 1.900,00 for the week.

> I invite you to pay at the same time as you send your registration formular an account of € 950,00 on the count:

Foreigners: IBAN: BE94 3600 0309 5114   BIC: BBRUBEBB of Banque ING 2, rue Paul Pastur in B6180 Courcelles for the benefit of F. Lafosse, 10 rue E. Duployé B6180 Courcelles with the mention: Clinical anatomy works Marburg 2017.
Belgian only: BE94 3600 0309 5114 of Banque ING 2, rue Paul Pastur in B6180 Courcelles for the benefit of F. Lafosse, 10 rue E. Duployé B6180 Courcelles with the mention: Clinical anatomy works Marburg 2017.

> The remaining € 950,00 will be charged on September the 1st.

No cancelling will be accepted after 31/06/17.

There is a catering free service on place opened all the day long, with varied drinks, hot meal and cold sandwiches, fruits and sweets.  It will cost € 15,00 per day, it is not facultative  and it will be perceived on place.

Would you send an email to me at  You will receive it in attached file with al the annexe informations.  I invite you to send it obligatory back by mail.

The inscription is effective when are received:

– your registration form
– your first account

It will be confirmed by mail.


Waiting for the pleasure to meet you, receive my best regards.
Francis LAFOSSE, D.O.